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Would you work for you??

Ask yourself, would you work for you?


At a time when employee recruitment and retention is such a critical issue for businesses, irrespective of sector, those in positions of leadership and influence need to honestly reflect on what they are offering their people, in what is becoming a ruthlessly competitive marketplace.

Forget about what was acceptable, 10, 5 or even 1 year ago. What is expected of you from your people today? Why would someone want to come and work for you? What are you doing to ensure they stay and build a career? Why might they leave?

Below are a few keys areas I challenge business leaders on an almost daily basis at this stage…

– Company Values and Culture – Not what is on your website, or colourfully posted on the wall, but what is evident every day in how your people interact and engage with each other and your customers. Remember.. ‘You are what you repeatedly do’.

– Front line leadership and supervision – Are those tasked with day to day management and supervision of your workforce, equipped and supported to to the job?

– Health and Wellbeing – Are you providing your people with a safe workplace, and one in which they can effectively do their job without incurring stress or anxiety.

– Remuneration – Are you paying your people a fair/competitive wage, for the work they are being asked to do, including wider benefits eg. Pension, Sick leave, Bonus, Overtime etc.

– Training and Development – Are you providing your people with opportunities to learn and develop new skills, and to grow into senior positions and challenge their own status quo?

The indirect costs associated with high levels of employee turnover are significant, and often far outweigh the costs associated with improving any of the above aspects which will ultimately reduce your need to constantly go out into the marketplace looking to hire new people.
Clerkin Consulting are providing advice and support to many of our partners in this area at present, and if you feel you might benefit from our trusted advice, please feel free to get in contact to schedule a no obligations call.