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Supply Chain & Logistics

Driving improvements in raw materials transport, storage, and product lead time.

We understand the intricate and increasingly complex nature of supply chains & logistics in a global economy. With pressure to adapt to ever-changing consumer demands whilst effectively managing costs, supply chains are often the hardest-working function within your organisation. That is precisely why the services of a supply chain management specialist such as Clerkin Consulting are so highly prized.

With over twenty years’ experience in supply chain and logistics, assisting a great many businesses in your sector to identify and harness efficiencies at all stages of the production process, Clerkin Consulting is a supply chain expert.

Working in harmony with you and your management team, we evaluate the people and processes that make your business tick. We help you to eliminate inefficiencies along your supply chain and to identify and put into place potential cost-saving mechanisms, with the profitability and longevity of your business firmly in mind.

Our experience encompasses strategic planning, digital transformation, lean implementation and training and development. We work collaboratively as well as holistically, to make sure all areas of your supply chain and logistics are aligned and working as effectively as possible.

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