Clerkin Consulting

Professional Services

Driving efficiencies in sales, design, purchasing and administration

The team at Clerkin Consulting, including leading executive coach and business performance specialist, Dick Clerkin, has amassed over twenty years’ experience driving improvements across a broad range of professional service industries, including engineering and accounting and purchasing.

We offer a broad range of professional services for office-based industries which address all areas of business – from digital transformation to the streamlining of processes in an office-based setting. Clerkin Consulting has a wealth of knowledge in its field and uses tried-and-tested tools and techniques designed to set your business apart from the competition.  

Recent assignments have included streamlining the Purchase to Pay (P2P) systems of a large construction company; increasing the contribution per hour (billable versus hours worked) of an engineering team; and digitally transforming an accountancy firm by putting a paperless system into place.


Our list of professional services includes but is not limited to: performance management, strategic planning, change management, digital transformation, and training & development.

Why Work with a Business Consultant?

Leading organisations world over bring in external business performance specialists such as Clerkin Consulting to bring a fresh, objective perspective and introduce the latest techniques and strategies that drive performance improvement and increase their bottom line.

We’re completely transparent and motivated to deliver genuine return on investment – in short, we will save you money!

For more information on Clerkin Consulting and the range of professional services we offer business in your industry, book in for a free 30-minute consultation.