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Modern Methods of Construction

Driving change in the construction industry

The demands currently being placed on the Construction industries across Ireland and UK currently outstrip supply capabilities. The adoption of Modern Methods of Construction across the industry to deliver housing and infrastructure projects, will play a pivotal role in increasing the pace and affordability of supply needed to meet the needs of a growing market.

With over twenty years experience working with  leading Construction Products Manufacturers and Offsite Modular build providers across UK and Ireland, Clerkin Consulting is a leading expert in Modern Methods of Construction, providing valued support that’s drives operational efficiencies, and supports business leaders face the challenges that MMC pose.  

Our in depth industry experience places Clerkin Consulting in a position to understand the complexities of the Irish construction industry better than anyone. 

As a highly sought-after business consultant and executive coach, Dick Clerkin and his team at Clerkin Consulting bring with them a wealth of hands-on experience and industry know-how. For more than twenty years, Dick has been advising the top names in Irish construction, helping them to transform manufacturing and business practices and boost profitability

Using a blend of tried and tested lean manufacturing methods and cutting-edge management techniques, we ensure your business is operating at peak efficiency. Whether the focus is your entire organisation or a specific department, we look carefully at what is working and what isn’t, guiding you on a path towards optimum productivity.

We use a ‘4P’s approach’, homing in on people, performance management and processes/systems, to identify failings and deficiencies, work out how best to resolve them and get your construction operations back on track.

Clerkin Consulting offers a wide range of consultancy services to the Construction sector, from performance consulting and training and development to digital transformation and change management.

To find out more about what Clerkin Consulting can do for your construction business, why not avail of our free 30-minute consultation? Contact us today to find out more.