Clerkin Consulting


Safer, Smarter, Faster, Cheaper

Clerkin Consulting is an Irish business consultancy, specialising in the manufacturing and construction products sectors.

Led by Dick Clerkin, a highly experienced lean manufacturing professional specialising in continuous improvement and operational efficiencies, Clerkin Consulting is motivated to drive down costs and grow profits for its clients.
In addition to lean manufacturing, Clerkin Consulting’s spectrum of consultancy services includes Health and Safety, Quality and Process Control Management.

Our understanding of the complexities of the materials manufacturing industry in Ireland is unparalleled. This, coupled with our background in lean manufacturing practices, makes Clerkin Consulting best placed to transform your manufacturing practices.

We employ the Lean Six Sigma method, which involves monitoring your supply chain for defects, identifying potential issues, and working to solve them as swiftly and as effectively as possible. The results for our materials manufacturing clients speak for themselves – as does the fact a high proportion of our clients come to us time and time again to benefit from successful lean manufacturing solutions.

Clerkin Consulting is a full-service business consultancy, offering solutions and insights on performance consulting, training and development, digital transformation, change management and more.

To better understand the unique needs of your business and where we might be of service, we offer a free 30-minute consultation. Contact us today to being your lean management journey.