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Learning to lead


Is almost becoming an exhaustive term these days, with so many books, articles, podcasts, thought pieces coming at us it is hard to keep up. (I guess this is another one!)
Anyway, this week I took my first steps into a Leadership role with a sports team, as the Manager for the Monaghan GAA U15’s. The first step on what I hope to be a long career on the sidelines. Above anything, it has immediately thrust me into practical thinking about all the key ‘Leadership’ traits we hear about almost ad nauseum these days i.e..
– Building a team
– Setting a Vision, goals and objectives- Creating an environment for team members so thrive and develop
– Empowering those around me to be the best they can be
– Dealing with adversity and set-backs
– Establishing a culture of continuous improvement

Anyway, I guess what I am saying is that for any of you who have ambitions to develop into Leadership roles in your profession, I cant think of a better place to gain practical experience (and personal insight) than getting involved with a team or organisation that you are passionate about, sporting or otherwise.

My passion is and always will be Monaghan GAA, yours will be something else. Regardless, the experience, knowledge and confidence you will gain from taking a Leadership role outside the office, I guarantee you will be readily transferable to the boardroom if and when such opportunities arise.