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Lean Implementation

Eliminate waste, improve quality, reduce costs.

Lean implementation is simple, straightforward to understand and highly effective, particularly when delivered properly by an experienced lean management professional.
The lean manufacturing model focuses on improving productivity and competitiveness, by eliminating inefficiencies, reducing waste and cutting costs. Smart businesses in your sector recognise the importance of lean implementation as a business model, and they use it to their advantage.

A one-size-fits-all approach is not for us. We drill down to understand your organisation on a deeper level and consider the complexities which make it unique. Based upon many years’ experience in the manufacturing, construction products and materials industries, Clerkin Consulting is well placed to offer a first-class lean implementation consultancy, providing practical solutions which will drive your business forward.

Clerkin Consulting will empower your organisation, using the principles of lean management, and challenge you to streamline processes and create a culture of continuous improvement; lean implementation practices are sustainable by their very nature.

We look at your manufacturing process and supply chain as a whole, examining where value is or can be added, and where value is lost. It may be a thorough, painstaking exercise but lean implementation has the potential to truly transform your business.

Our approach to lean consulting involves working closely with your management team to better understand the link between operations and financial performance. Our methods are rigorous and our high level of repeat business when it comes to lean management and associated business consultancy services speaks for itself.

Saving you money is what motivates us; by working with Clerkin Consulting and taking steps towards lean manufacturing, your business is already on a sure path to lower costs and higher profits.

Clerkin Consulting has the toolkit to bring your business to the next level, with a full range of services, including strategic planning, performance consulting , lean implementation and digital transformation.

Get a taste of what Clerkin Consulting can bring to your business by booking a free 30-minute lean implementation consultation today.