Clerkin Consulting

IDA Ireland

The main objective of IDA Ireland is to encourage investment into Ireland by foreign-owned companies. Ireland is a highly attractive proposition for foreign investors, and there are numerous supports for international businesses looking to locate in Ireland or open a branch here.

Clerkin Consulting is a business consultancy service specialising in the materials manufacturing and construction products industries in Ireland. We have worked with numerous multi-national organisations in the past, in partnership with IDA Ireland and other governmental enterprise support agencies, including Enterprise Ireland and LEO. Our goal is to ensure businesses are thoroughly equipped to deal with the complexities of operating in the Irish market.

Our services are wide-ranging and encompass all business functions, from strategic planning to supply chain & logistics and lean manufacturing. Whether you are exploring the feasibility of moving your business to Ireland or at a later stage in proceedings, we will help your business to flourish, using the various tools and supports available via the Industrial Development Agency (IDA).

We have over 20 years’ experience under our belts in the field of business coaching and performance improvement. We know exactly what setting up a business in Ireland involves – and what it takes for a business to succeed here.

To talk about expanding to Ireland and the supports that may be available to your business, contact Clerkin Consulting today for a free, 30-minute consultation.