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Clerkin Consulting specialises in executive coaching and leadership development, primarily in Ireland and for the manufacturing, construction products and materials industries.

What is Executive Coaching, and what benefits will it bring to my business?

Both are extremely valid questions! The term executive coaching or performance coaching, as it is sometimes called, may sound like a luxury service for well-established companies but it is, in fact, an extremely important part of the business consultancy toolkit that business of any size can benefit from. What’s more, businesses at any stage of their journey can benefit from the insights executive coaching consultancy can offer.

Executive coaching involves in-depth, highly individualised one-on-one sessions designed to unlock the potential of business leaders. Clerkin Consulting’s approach to executive training is advisory as well as strategic. We act as a sounding board for leaders, guiding them using a variety of proven behavioural techniques and methods to help them to achieve a mutually agreed set of performance goals.

Done right, executive coaching has the power to shape highly effective and influential leaders. The recognised benefits of performance coaching are limitless, but can include better self-awareness, increased motivation, improved leadership abilities – the list goes on.
It is not just executives at the top of the chain that can benefit from performance coaching, either. Business coaching improves professional performance and wellbeing at a much broader level and can be applied to roles and situations throughout your organisation.

Why is Clerkin Consulting best placed to serve your executive coaching requirements?

As well as 20 years’ solid business consultancy experience, Dick Clerkin brings with him an entirely different perspective, having represented his county at senior level football in a career spanning 17 years. Discipline, passion, focus and determination are just a few of the traits Dick brings with him as an executive coach.

From strategic planning and performance consulting to lean implementation and digital transformation, Clerkin Consulting offers full-service business consulting that delivers real results.

Find out more about how we can help drive your business forward by booking a free, 30-minute executive coaching consultation with Dick and his team.

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