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Coaching & the power of Real Conversation!!

Up until I began my Executive Coaching journey earlier this year, I never really appreciated the value and importance of proper conversation, nor did I really understand or value the concept of ‘Coaching’. Being honest, I would have been somewhat of a cynic towards the concept, shaped largely by bad experiences with people (Coaches) I could not relate to, and felt were just talking out of a textbook.

When I talk about ‘Conversation’ I am not talking about a chat, idle gossip, or a shallow word-salad to pass the time with friends, family or colleagues. I mean openly and honestly talking something out, with someone (A Coach) who is non-judgemental, or has no personal bias. Talking out issues, to find some clarity of thought and direction. The type of issues that we all experience and that occupy our headspace daily e.g. What is the right next step in my Career, dealing with a difficult relationship at work, stuck in a job/role you do not enjoy, exhausted trying to balance all my responsibilities, inability to delegate, having a goal/ambition but stuck on how to progress it, how do I get the best out of my team, etc. etc. etc.

Some of the most important decisions I have made in recent years were influenced through what I now recognise as a Coaching experience, with people I know and trust, that could listen objectively without any emotional/professional bias. I just did not fully realise that is what it was at the time.

Unfortunately, people like that are in short supply in our normal day to day lives, hence why the emergence of Executive Coaching as a valued resource continues to grow. Having that trusted soundboard available for whenever you need it, can be invaluable, especially when you consider it against the outcomes it can achieve.

I look forward to further developing my competence in this area, to compliment my Consulting business, and to hopefully provide a similar level of value to future ‘Coachees’ that I have been fortunate enough to receive in recent years.

If you are afforded the opportunity to work with a Coach, I would strongly recommend you give it a try. If you get the right match, you will not regret it. I didn’t.

Have a good day….