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Clerkin Consulting’s experience across a range of industries and disciplines, places us in an ideal position to share insights on the issues that are impacting you the most. 

We will endeavour to keep you updated on the latest news from our key markets, with a particular emphasis on the manufacturing, construction products and SME sectors.

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A Friday thought….’ A Smoking Chimp or a Roof over your head?

      A Friday thought….’ A Smoking Chimp or a Roof over your head? It has been a tough week/year for many of those in the tech industry.Between layoffs across the globe, Twitter’s mid-life crisis,the NFT debunk, and the ongoing Cryptocrash. Many wannabe ‘Unicorns’ now resemble lame cart horses.

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‘How good are you at taking customer feedback?’

  A Friday thought…..’How good are you at taking customer feedback?’   What is your immediate gut response to somebody saying they don’t like your product or service levels? How active are you in learning what your customers/clients think about your product or service? How good are you at taking

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‘Challenges are never ending’

  A Wednesday thought……’Challenges are never ending’Brexit, Global Pandemic, Raw material shortages, Supply chain delays, Labour shortages, Energy price rises, Inflation, Crypto crashes….. I could go on…If you have been in business over the past few years, you have likely had to navigate some if not all of the above

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Do you know your Bottlenecks ?

‘The Goal’ by Eliyahu M. Goldratt. An international bestseller and a bookshelf must-have for all self-respecting performance improvement professionals. To create an engrossing novel around the subject matter of factory optimisation is no mean task. Goldratt seamlessly achieves this.   The central theme and takeaway from Goldratt’s seminal novel is

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Know your numbers !!

13st 10lb. For over a decade, this was my target weight whilst playing inter county football. First thing every morning, I would step on the scales to check in. It got to the stage that I could tell +/- 1 lb as to what my weight would be before I

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‘Why is there a hole in the lid of a Biro’?

Before we get to the answer, of what on the face of it might seem to be an obscure question, ask yourself this. How often are you challenged with unexpected problems or challenges, and more importantly how do you typically respond? Also how good are your team at dealing with

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Learning to lead

‘Leadership’ is almost becoming an exhaustive term these days, with so many books, articles, podcasts, thought pieces coming at us it is hard to keep up. (I guess this is another one ha!!) Anyway, this week I took my first steps into a Leadership role with a sports team, as

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Would you work for you??

At a time when employee recruitment and retention is such a critical issue for businesses, irrespective of sector, those in positions of leadership and influence need to honestly reflect on what they are offering their people, in what is becoming a ruthlessly competitive marketplace. Forget about what was acceptable, 10,

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Productivity Incentive / Bonus Schemes!!

High market demand coupled with labour shortages, is creating a perfect storm for businesses in how they are struggling to meet their client demands and product lead times. One area Clerkin Consulting specialise in is increasing productivity of your existing workforce and assets. One proven way to get an immediate increase in

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Coaching & the power of Real Conversation!!

Up until I began my Executive Coaching journey earlier this year, I never really appreciated the value and importance of proper conversation, nor did I really understand or value the concept of ‘Coaching’. Being honest, I would have been somewhat of a cynic towards the concept, shaped largely by bad

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